Velocity Project Manager & Sprint Maste

Velocity Project Manager & Sprint Master are two programs in one. They help the project manager to plan and control both traditional projects and scrum projects. They can be used stand-alone from Velocity Web. They are an Addin to MS Project and makes MS Project much more easy to use and more powerful.

Velocity Project Manager
Helps the project manager to handle challenges and constraints. How can ambitions goals be achieved with limited resources. How to handle all the challenges along the way – and still reach the target date? Velocity Project Manager makes it easier and funnier to manage a project and it enables better results. Build a robust plan with your team, handle estimates. The program helps you to identify resource- and lead time constraints that affects the result in your project.

Functions in Velocity Project Manager

  • Schedule and update a  project
  • Identify critical chains and work with buffers
  • Extremely fast updates of the whole schedule when changes occur.
  • Powerful what-if analysis for communication with the project team and steering group
  • Adds Critical Chain-functionality (CCPM).

Velocity Sprint Master - for Scrum 

Helps the project manager to get an overview of the project and a better ability to deal with consequences from resource constraints and dependencies as well as external restrictions. It then becomes easier to connect short term decisions with longer term consequences.

Functions in Velocity Sprint Master

  • Plan and update Scrum-projects with backlog, sprints and burn-down charts
  • Mix Scrum and traditional projects in the same schedule
  • Powerful what-if analysis for communication with the project team and steering group.

System Requirements

  • MS Project version 2010 or newer. English, German or Swedish as interface language.
  • MS Excel is needed for certain export functions but not critical. 

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