Burnout - The downside to multi-projects

In multi-project activities, there is always some kind of crisis occurring. In such circumstances, it is easy to forget about the things that do work as planned and to forget about all the tasks that are carried out as expected and that are delivered on time. Even heroic efforts that successfully solve acute crises, perhaps with overtime and with considerable personal sacrifices, tend to be quickly forgotten when new crises demand solutions.

If this matter is not handled with great care, focus can easily be directed towards negative circumstances. This in turn can result in a situation where staff members who have been struggling and working hard all week long and have achieved amazing results still go home Friday afternoon feeling defeated. Rather than felling fulfilled by everything they have achieved, they think about the things they did not have time for and perhaps also how challenging the coming week will be.

Having enough time for completing work tasks, having the opportunity to feel satisfied, and being able to look forward to the coming working week with positive expectations are among the most important things a workplace can offer. If this is achieved, it creates benefits for staff members, for the company, as well as for its customers.

With agile methods in general, and with Velocity specifically, the prerequisites for such a work environment are created even in multi-project activities.

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