Increase your project speed with 30 %

while reducing cost, improving delivery precision and improving work satisfaction

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Reach 100% delivery precision

With lower cost and with faster projects

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Improved work satisfaction

At the same time as project speed is increased and project costs are reduced

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Reduced cost per project

Complete more projects without increasing cost by avoiding the creation of queues

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Intelligent Software for People and Projects - Velocity is an add-on for project intensive companies to achieve better business results and improve joy of work

Now over 3000 daily users in 15 countries

Would you also like everyone in your organization to always know what work tasks are the most valuable for them to do next?

"Velocity helps us deliver our projects exactly on time to our customers. It has now become the standard way to manage projects and resources in the company"

Thomas Gans, Head of Business Unit Industrial,

"I always have a current overview of project- and resource status with Velocity. We find bottle-necks and do “what-if’s” to optimize the throughput of projects."

Jasmin Winter, Pipeline Manager

"Velocity is our way of handling projects and resources with CCPM. It helps our organization to collaborate, minimize lead-times and keep our commitments."

Siegfried Winter, Head of Global Product Life-Cycle Processes,