About VMG, the company that created Velocity

VMG, or Velocity Management Group AB, helps project intensive businesses to better manage projects and resources. From it's inception around 2000, VMGs founders were driven by curiosity about how business dynamics, technical uncertainty, projects and resources could be aligned to achieve better results and to create a better work place.

VMG was commissioned by large companies such as Ericsson, Sony and Festo as well as smaller companies to help them improve speed, delivery accuracy and output in their business-critical project environments.

Having completed a large number of successful initiatives, we saw the opportunity to use better IT-tools to help more companies manage the dynamics of their project portfolios to achieve better results.

After about ten years we started building the Velocity software and work flow in collaboration with the Festo corporation. After another five years we had started to build a circle of highly qualified international customers for Velocity. Today, Velocity has thousands of daily users world wide and we are working on the development of version 8.

In addition to what we have learned from our customers and high quality of the tools, good methods have always been important to us. We want to help our customers to get better and not just manage symptoms. We have mainly used TOC, Lean and Agile. TOC, or Theory of Constraints is a methodology to increase the flow in any type of organization and it's application for projects is called Critical Chain. It is known for instance through the books "The Goal" and "Critical Chain" by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt.

We work internationally with our customers and partners but our home base is in Sweden, in the university city of Lund at Medicon Village.