The Swedish company that offers unparalleled flexibility in product development

In an interview with Thomas Lövgren, Head of Development and Project Management at Brigo, we got an insight into the company's operations, philosophy and decision-making processes. Brigo is a Swedish company that specializes in contract manufacturing. The company takes orders from customers who have their own product design and manufactures the products on their behalf.

Brigo has grown significantly since its inception and now has a workforce of 30 employees in Sweden and 150 in total Their services are not limited to any specific product category. They manufacture a wide range of products, from textile products for outdoor furnitures and office furnitures to screens, sofas and demonstration and marketing materials for car dealers.

What sets Brigo apart from other companies in the industry is their flexibility. They are known for being easy to work with. Clients often comment on how fast and responsive the Brigo team is, from idea to implementation. Brigo's projects are highly customized and adapted to the needs of the clients.

What challenge were you hoping Velocity would solve? I ask Thomas. He tells me that basically they were looking for a tool and a new way of working to increase their delivery precision. In larger projects, we could get stuck and the planning was not really optimal. Therefore, the company decided to develop and improve its project management capabilities. After investigating several options, Brigo finally chose Velocity.

"Velocity's strength lies in its agility and ease of use," says Thomas." It is not a cumbersome system that focuses solely on documentation. Instead, Velocity offers a consistent framework for managing projects that can be adapted to the scope of the project." With Velocity's forward planning feature, project managers can see how much work remains and keep track of tasks. "I like the idea that instead of 'time spent' Velocity uses 'how much time is left'"

Thomas Lövgren admits that he was intrigued by Velocity because it was a lesser-known option on the market. After trying to find information about the tool through different channels, Brigo finally chose Velocity because of its flexibility, ease of use and ability to improve their project management capabilities.

In conclusion, Brigo is a company known for its flexibility, responsiveness and ability to manage customized projects. With its unique approach, the company has managed to grow significantly and attract a loyal customer base. Having fun at work is important, says Thomas. "That's why I think Velocity makes work more fun - we can plan ahead and not jump into projects too quickly, it makes people happy and less stressed. With Velocity's help, Brigo is well on its way to addressing its project management challenges and delivering high-quality products to its customers.

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