Challenges in R&D and Engineer-to-Order

How to handle current work load, resource planning and project execution?

Are you struggling to deliver projects on time, manage limited resources, and keep teams in sync? Do you find yourself caught up in firefighting mode, unable to focus on quality and efficiency? In the past, these challenges have been daunting, with insufficient methods to manage both projects and resources, and data that quickly becomes outdated in dynamic project environments.

Together with our customers, we developed Velocity, a cutting-edge solution that combines dynamic methods, automation, and a common source of supporting information for all roles involved. Our solution gives you a better overview of your projects, manage limited resources effectively, ensuring optimal allocation and utilization, so you can achieve better project outcomes without spreading your team too thin.

Velocity fosters collaboration and alignment across teams with a common source of information, reducing confusion and improving communication, so everyone is working in sync towards a common goal.

Thanks to it's great flexibility, Velocity is used both in smaller companies in the development phase as well as in leading high-tech corporations. Velocity is also used in many different industries such as automation, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, medical devices, automotive, electronics and others.

Advantages of Velocity

  • Achieve more output, higher speed and a better work environment

  • Current and helpful data 24/7

  • Effortless Project and resource coordination

  • Resource and project planning seamlessly integrated

  • For both traditional and agile projects

  • Powerful algorithms for intelligent decision-making across all roles.

  • Tailored onboarding helps you get started quick and easy

  • Available in the Microsoft Azure Cloud or on-premises


Why Velocity?

Velocity includes all key functions for resource, project and portfolio management along with:

  • Forward-looking and constraint-focused approach for efficient project execution

  • High level of automation for real-time and up-to-date information

  • Fact-based initiation of new projects for increased efficiency and speed in portfolio management

  • Proven results in real-world scenarios for measurable success