Using the Velocity Load Graph

The Velocity Load Graph helps resource managers to understand what resources are most loaded, what projects are involved in the load and how critical the load is regarding the projects' ability to meet its commitments.

Project Manager Dream

To know what other tasks in other projects the project members of a project have, could be very useful and could solve a lot of problems before they occur. Especially if it was possible to know how urgent och critical the work is for the other projects. In Velocity it is easy to extract all tasks that resources in a project are assigned to in other projects. The information is presented in a clear and easy to understand way that helps in identifying and solving the resource conflicts before they occur.

Deciding the ideal start date for new Projects

To start a new project too early is as bad as starting it too late. If the project is starting too early it will compete for resources with the already committed projects resulting in queues, delays and unnecessary administration. If the project on the other hand is started too late it may not meet its committed delivery date. With Velocity it is easy to identify the ideal start date.

Velocity Colors

The video explains where the project colors in Velocity comes from. Velocity uses the same traffic light colors as a lot of other SW. What makes the colors in Velocity so powerful is how they are determined and how they should be interpreted. The video explaines this in a way that is interesting for all who work with projects regardless if they currently use Velocity.

Editing Project Plans

In Velocity you can create plans from scratch or from templates or you can reuse plans from ongoing or finished projects. In this video we demonstrate how tasks are added, linked and edited.

The Velocity Task List

In Velocity the Project Plans are updated by the teams using Velocity Task Lists and Velocity Task Boards. In this Video the use of the Task List is presented.