VMG is passionate sponsor at PMIs Passion for Projects in Malmö - 13-14th March

At PMIs Passion for Projects in Malmö VMG will present Velocity to the project management community.

The Velocity SW tools and methods are designed to make it easier to manage a flow of projects in such a way that more value is generated in a shorter time. To drive the point home, the visitors to the VMG and Velocity stand will be challenged to play a game where they manage a flow of projects for one year. The resources are limited, and each project has a value, penalties for lateness as well as reward for on time delivery. The player that generates the greatest value during the day will be rewarded with a nice price.
A hot tip is to start the projects later to have them finish earlier. Nothing is more devastating to the flow of projects that overloads. By carefully avoiding overloads thereby queuees the flow is maximized. Try it out in the game and be a winner or try it out in real life with the Velocity tools and be an even bigger winner.

Meet us at the PMI Passion for Projects at Malmö Live 13th to 14th March.

See you!