Challenges in R&D and Engineer-to-Order

How to handle current work load, resource planning and project execution?

When we meet new companies, we often hear that it is a challenge to deliver on time, that resources are spread thin, that it's difficult to get a good overview and to work in synch across different teams. Many also find that it is easy to get caught up in firefighting rather than being able to make sure things are done well.

In the past, these challenges have been difficult to solve because there have been insufficient method to manage BOTH projects and resources, and it has been far too much work to keep the data up to date because everything changes so quickly in a dynamic project environment.

Now there is a new way to solve these challenges. It is based on dynamic methods, automation and providing supporting information from a common source to all roles. We call this new way Velocity.

What is Velocity?

  • More output, higher speed and a better work environment

  • Current and helpful data 24/7

  • Less effort to coordinate projects and resources

  • Resource and project planning seamlessly integrated

  • For both traditional and agile projects

  • Powerful algorithms support decisions for all roles

  • It is quick and easy to get started with qualified online support.

  • Available in the Microsoft Azure Cloud or on-premises.

Thanks to it's great flexibility, Velocity is used in smaller companies in the development phase as well as in leading high-tech corporations. Velocity is also used in many different industries such as automation, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, medical devices, automotive, electronics and others.

What is unique?

Velocity include all key functions for resource, project and portfolio management. So what is unique?

  • Forward-looking and constraint-focused, making it useful and providing leverage.

  • High level of automation so information is always up to date.

  • Fact-based initiation of new projects provides high total efficiency and speed in the portfolio.

  • It works and is used for real so there are real results.