VMG offer solutions which help you simplify your project environment so that you can get more growth and job satisfaction.

Velocity SoftwareEnterprise Project Throughput Management – will take you into the future, through digitalization and integration of  projects, resources and what happens into one system. It enables you to take better decision, see new things and to manage proactively.

Consulting Services and competence development – with personal involvement and dedication we support in areas like innovation management, project- and portfolio management, flow control, resource planning and business development.

About the Velocity Software

In addition to better results – what does Velocity help me with in concrete terms?

  • Plan, visualize and communicate in all types of projects.
  • Allocate resources intelligently.
  • Identify critical problems and bottle-necks proactively.

What is unique about Velocity

  • Velocity works in practice and is used on a daily basis as support for collaboration and better decisions. A kind of live GPS with information about your projects in real-time.
  • Velocity becomes a digital twin to reality and makes it possible to understand the complex reality much better and to make better decisions.
  • Velocity is simple for you but is built on advanced methods and deep insights from, CCPM, Agile, Lean and statistical methods. It helps you to do more projects and keep delivery commitments better.

How does Velocity work?

  • Velocity consists of web pages and a database. It can either be in the Microsoft Azure Cloud or locally installed at your place.
  • Through smart functions and very simple feedback Velocity can create a current picture of what happens int the projects, current load on resources and how this affects delivery targets.
  • Every role in the company has their own information easily accessible, the department manager, the team-member, the project manager and the management team.

How can I get started?

It it simple to start! You can learn more or test on a small scale. Everything is in the cloud and it will not affect you current systems. Contact us to get to know more.